Dust Bunny households co-design home cleaning interventions

In September 2019 the Dust Bunny team run a co-design workshop with several of the households participating in the project. The aim of the workshop was to co-design interventions that householders will take back and implement.

The households were representative of the 4 socio-economic groups found in Ghana.

The one-day workshop included several creative activities and tools which were designed to elicit response and engagement from participants. Some of the tools and activities placed participants in mock-up versions of different types of households and presented in visual ways the bacteria found in households form the microbiological analysis and their potential impact to health.

They then explored the different cleaning hotspots where they believed bacteria are found in their homes and developed cleaning agreements that each household would take back home and test for a month.

Participants were deeply engaged with the data, especially the findings from the microbiological analysis of dust. They wanted to know the number of different bacteria found and from which socioeconomic groups.

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