Dust Bunny engages communities and shares Leaning Education & Information leaflet

As part of the Dust Bunny project commitments, series of community dissemination meeting were organized to share some key findings with the people and district health and education authorities. From April to May 2021 over 150 participants were engaged in four meetings organised across the different regions in Accra where our communities reside.

Participants included representatives from the district health directorate and the health facilities in each of the study communities, representatives from the Ghana education service, the chiefs and opinion leaders, Assembly members, selected study participants and few community members.

Four short presentations were made to guide discussions. The first presentation focused on the global burden of AMR and why it is very important to tackle it from all possible angles including the home. The second was on selected key findings from the study and the cleaning intervention implemented, the fourth presentation was testimonies given by participants who took part in the cleaning intervention, and the fourth was on the cleaning education and information material.

Each presentation was followed by a discussion session, where questions were asked, and answers provided. There were also general discussions with people making suggestions on the usefulness of the project, especially the interventions implemented. Generally, participants in all the communities were happy about the study and have requested for its expansion for the benefit of all residents. The following key discussion points and issues were raised:

  1. The cleaning education and information material was very well received, and the people wanted more to be distributed in the communities. All the district directors of health service have requested for the soft copies of the material for their own printing and distributions. It was the toast of all participants!
  2. Chiefs in all the communities have requested that, if covid-19 pandemic is over, they will be ready to organise community durbars for us to share the findings, especially the cleaning education and information materials and the finding that bacteria were found in the homes, including bedrooms.
  3. The chiefs and Assembly members pledged their supports for any research project that will be brought into their communities because, they found the Dust bunny project to be very useful on that could promote the health of community members.
  4. The people want to know how to curb dust from entering their rooms, since they have no control over it. In Abokobi where road construction was ongoing, the dust situation was very unbearable.
  5. Participants in Adenta requested that the cleaning intervention is implemented in more homes, if not all the homes in the municipality.
  6. Participants in Madina said it will be good to test the dust from the market to know the infection there too. They concluded that, they believe that the situation will be worst in the market compared to the home.
  7. Some people wanted to know how participants were selected for the cleaning intervention because they would have loved to participate in it.
  8. It came to light that the cleaning intervention should also be implemented in schools to teach the children how to clean properly.

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