Project Team

Photograph of Emmanuel Tsekleves
Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves, is a senior lecturer in design interactions in health at Lancaster University. He is the principal investigator, leading the project management as well as the design research aspects of the project.
Photograph of Roger Pickup
Prof Roger Pickup is a professor in molecular microbial ecology/environmental microbiology at Lancaster University. He leads the microbiology data analysis.
Prof Daniel Boakye profile pic
Prof Daniel Boakye is a Professor at the Parasitology Department at Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR). He has the overall oversight of the research study in Ghana.
Dziedzom de Souza
Dr Dziedzom De Souza is a senior research fellow at the Parasitology Department at NMIMR. He manage and coordinates the various research components of the study in Ghana.
Photograph of Collins Ahorlu
Dr Collins Ahorlu, is a Senior Research Fellow in cultural epidemiology, social science approaches and community engagement a NMIMR. He oversees the fieldwork in Ghana.
Mr Andy Darby is a PhD Candidate at Lancaster University and Research Associate for the Dust Bunny project.