Second appearance of the DUST BUNNY project on GHANA TV

Following the popularity of the first video of the project on Ghana TV in June/July 2019, a new video documentary has been created about the Dust Bunny project by the journalist Peggy Ama Donkor (Journalist of the Year 2005 award).

The new video documentary features the co-design workshop held by the Dust Bunny researchers in Accra, on September 2019. It also includes interviews from the research team and workshop participants.

The video was aired on Ghana Today Television (the national public broadcaster of Ghana, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation) in in October and November 2019 for more than 15 times and was seen by several thousands of viewers. It is also available to view on Facebook , where it was posted on the 31st of January 2020.

Second Documentary Video of the Dust Bunny Project

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